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Welcome to Faith Community Church!  You may wonder what to expect as a new person walking in the doors on Sunday morning. 

First, you will be greeted with a smile and handed a bulletin that contains the order of the church service.  Then as you walk from the doors into the sanctuary, others will offer a warm welcome as well.  Finding a seat, we begin worship with a "hello" and then we all rise and sing to God.  We have a blended worship service, that features praise music and hymns, so you may hear a guitar, a piano, or an organ being played.

We pray together, listen to the Word of God read and preached from the Bible.  There is an offering for one of our various ministries and charities.  If you would like to give, feel free, but if not, no need to worry.  We are interested in your heart, not your wallet.  We close worship with a song and a blessing and afterwards you are invited to stay for coffee and refreshments.  

Young families can leave their little ones, if they choose, in our safe and clean nursery.  Chlldren ages 3-8 years old are invited up front during the service for a children's message and then are dismissed to their own Children's Worship time.  

Our evening worship time is very similiar to our morning service where we center on God's word.   Our evening service also includes a time of prayer where everyone is invited to share their concerns and thanksgivings and Pastor BC prays for each one of them.  The environment is a bit more casual in the evening and its a great opportunity to get to know a few others in the church.

Bibles are provided at both services, but you are also welcome to bring your own. 

Faith Community Church cares for and lives under the Word of God and is theologically conservative.  We are in the Christian Reformed Church, a denomination that comes from the Reformed Tradition, which along with the Lutheran Church are the founders of Protestantism.  Many of the churches you have heard about can trace their roots at some point from the Reformed church.  Some of us come from Dutch roots; but today many of us come from diverse backgrounds.  We hope that you feel welcome and encourage any questions you may have.